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Our 12 month countdown to leaving home.

12 months pf planning and saving for a family travel adventure. How to save for and plan for a family gap year from World Travel Family travel blog.

This is The Beginning. Port Douglas to Kuala Lumpur

It’s been a very long two days, but we’re here, safe, comfortable and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  I’ve Learnt a Few Things. The rate at the Travelex counter at Gold Coast airport is negotiable. I wasn’t impressed with the offered rate so she gave me a better one. Which was OK. You have …

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Port Douglas: Leaving it Behind.

This is my last week in Port Douglas, Queensland. Regular readers will know we are British expats and have been living in paradise here for almost six years. They will also know that it hasn’t always been paradise for me. I suffered badly with culture shock and found it hard to adjust. But goodbye Port Douglas, hello new adventure, …

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Planning Family Travel: One Week To Go!

In the words of my friend Gabi, I’m freaking out. Freaking out big-time. The boys and I leave in one week, James will follow on later, we are travelling without Dad for a while. So, how am I spending this last part of my life in Port Douglas? Wafting around sipping champagne and having farewell lunches? …

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Travelling Without Dad.

The boys and I are starting our family adventure in Malaysia early with a bit of single parent travel, we’re travelling without Dad, he’ll join us once he’s got the house, car and cat dealt with. We’ve changed the dates on our Air Asia flights, brought them forward, and payed the difference in price between the two …

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The Travel Vaccinations Drama.

I went to see my GP to talk travel vaccinations yesterday. I wish I hadn’t! I came away with a sinking feeling, convinced we’re all going to be sick or even die, either from terrible tropical disease or from the toxic vaccinations themselves. I can also feel a big financial headache coming on, probably a migraine. …

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Long Term Family Travel is Great for Mums.

We all know that long term family travel is great. Seeing the world, learning cool stuff, developing personal qualities and global understanding. But here are some more reasons to hit the road, ten very real reasons long term travel is great for mums ( or dads, or anyone else looking after children). We’ve been travelling …

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Do you Have to be Rich to Travel the World?

Several years ago, a not very rich family set out to travel the world. Today, they’re still travelling. It’s been an incredible ride, we’ve loved it and we’ve had many adventures. The financial aspect, well, it’s complex. We had a lump sum when we left home and over the years we’ve learned to make money …

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